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less than 1 minute read

Recently a friend recommend me to check the PHP Storm IDE.I must say that its a grate IDE, almost same capabilities as IntelliJ, I’v never seen a PHP IDE wit...

Event Base WPF Navigation

2 minute read

Hello,My Recent problem was: How can I implement minimal decoupling navigation between views?I thought about using the EventAggregator already built in my sy...

Simple abstraction and decoupling example

1 minute read

Just code.We have a logger and a log viewer, could be better but I wanted it to be simple.This is the window that is also the log viewer<pre class="brush:...

Simple Rx Sample - UI Performance tuning

4 minute read

The case I’m talking about is Binding with the UpdateSourceTrigger = PropertyChanged, and a heavy logic behind each change that can cause bad UX, like ui fre...