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Simple Rx Sample - UI Performance tuning

4 minute read

The case I’m talking about is Binding with the UpdateSourceTrigger = PropertyChanged, and a heavy logic behind each change that can cause bad UX, like ui fre...

For AMT Rx for .net

less than 1 minute read

Here is a good place to  start with Rx for .netAnd here you have the wiki with examplesEnjoy!

WCF client side proxy memory leaks

1 minute read

Today I ran into a guy who worked with me on my previous project.On that project I was responsible to rewrite the WCF channels (proxies) generation managemen...

Unit Test PropertyChanged

1 minute read

One of the basic stuff you wanna test as a client side developer, is that all of your UI bounded classes aka Controller, Model, ViewModel, Presenter, Present...

Hello World

less than 1 minute read

public class Chen{ public void SayHello() { Console.WriteLine("Hello everyone! this is my first blog post, its about time"); }}