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Home Base SDK

less than 1 minute read

As a developer@widdit’s incredible android team, I decided to write a how to embed Widdit’s home base sdk in 5 minutes guide, so here it is:Step 1:go to widd...

SpineJS Tip

less than 1 minute read

<p dir=ltr>Never create multiple instances of a controller that generates the same view, cause you’re event’s registrations will be duplicated over and...

Avoid usage of AsyncTask Class on android

less than 1 minute read

Just noticed this method available from API 11 only,  so you should find another implementation to avoid unexpected behaviour.Or don't call the execute ...

Nice idea for what’s new in my app

less than 1 minute read

People probably don't read/understand what's new in an app when they update it.  Skype did a very nice screen that shows you that something did change

coffee-script is another piece of shit

1 minute read

Hi,A few months ago I discovered this new stuff called coffee script, and thought to myself, “this is awesome I’ll write less and do more” Today, I tried to ...